A playroom for a daycare center in Colombia

Fundacion Desayunitos
Bogota, Colombia


This daycare center is located in a suburb north of Bogota in a poor, unsanitary and dangerous area. Fundacion Desayunitos, which means "little breakfast", started by giving breakfast to vulnerable children on the street. The center now takes care of 65 children of single mothers, allowing the women to work to support their families and keeping the children off the streets.

The project

The daycare center was in desperate need of a playroom renovation. With the help of Kids First, the floors of the teaching room and playroom were replaced and nap mats were purchased, providing a comfortable and safe place for the children to read, sleep and play.

The applicant

Shirin Little, former Cultural Care au pair and staff member in Germany

As a Cultural Care au pair from Germany, Shirin had a close friend who worked at Desayunitos as a volunteer. Shirin’s au pair group raised money for Kids First through their international bake sale, and when their local childcare consultant, Nancy Baker, asked them how they would like to use the funds, Shirin suggested the daycare center in Colombia.

In addition to giving monetary support to Fundacion Desayunitos, Cultural Care now regularly refers au pair candidates there to volunteer. Desayunitos benefits from several more helping hands while au pairs gain additional childcare experience in a setting where they are really making a difference.