Cultural Care Kids First Foundation’s mission is to enrich the lives of children in need. We strive to make a lasting difference by providing opportunities for education, culture, and recreation. Drawing on the strength of the global community of Cultural Care Au Pair, our goal is to create a brighter future for kids who need our help around the world.




The entire Cultural Care Au Pair community helps to raise funds by holding events in support of Kids First.



Our Fund Their Future grants support children’s organizations that are important to our staff, LCCs, au pairs and host families.



The Cultural Care community gives time locally and globally to children’s organizations who need hands-on help.


Kids First has helped 75 children’s organizations around the world.


We’ve partnered with organizations in 17 countries, on 6 continents.


Cultural Care Au Pair matches 100% of all donations.


100% of proceeds go directly towards helping children.


Who we help

Kids First has helped over 75 children’s organizations in 17 countries worldwide—here are eight of the projects we’ve recently funded.







South Africa

South Africa





New York

New York





REQUEST a Grant for a cause you're passionate about

What's important to our program participants is important to us. Do you know of a children’s organization that could use some help from Kids First to support a project or program? We encourage our staff, local childcare consultants (LCCs), au pairs and host families to request a grant that will provide children with opportunities for education, culture, and recreation. Applicants receiving a grant will provide details about the organization and project and "pay it forward" by hosting a Kids First fundraising event within the year.

Request a grant.  


hold a fundraising event

The majority of Kids First funds are raised through local events organized by our Cultural Care community around the world. We encourage all of our staff, local childcare consultants (LCCs), au pairs and host families to organize a fundraiser. Some of the most popular fundraising events include bake sales, international dessert festivals, car washes, yard sales and restaurant nights, and our program participants will find dozens of ideas, instructions and materials for events like these in their online accounts.

Host an event. 

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Sponsor a child

When you sponsor a child’s education, you are giving them the gift of a brighter future. Working with Molo Mhlaba, a STEM school for girls in South Africa, we are providing school fees and educational materials for 70 students ages 4-7 and 10 high school students. Would you like to change a child's life through access to a better education? Members of the Cultural Care community can pledge to sponsor a child and directly impact the life of a young person in need.

Sponsor a child.


GIVE BACK THROUGH community service 

There is nothing more satisfying or rewarding than giving of our own time to help little ones who are less fortunate. Let Kids First be the motivation for making a difference in your community! Whether you join a Kids First volunteer event that is already being offered in your area, or go on your own to help a local charitable cause, you are helping to fulfill our mission. Be sure to send us your Kids First photos so we can feature your time and service on our social channels. 

Volunteer in your community.


Get your kids involved

Teaching children the importance of giving back helps them grow into charitable adults—and is the mission of our Kids 4 Kids First program. Setting up a lemonade stand, donating used toys or books, or crafting superhero capes for homeless children are all examples of small ways kids can participate and make a big difference. Our LCCs, au pairs and host families will find more details about the Kids 4 Kids First program in their online accounts.

Join Kids 4 Kids First.


Donate or shop online

You can help in our effort to enrich children's lives around the world by making a donation. Every dollar you give will go directly to children in need and will be matched 100% by Cultural Care Au Pair! In addition, if you already shop online, we encourage you to use Amazon Smile or, both of which agree to give a small percentage of your payment to Kids First (at no extra cost to you). Choose Cultural Care Kids First Foundation as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile, or in the Children/Youth section of

Donate now.  

About Us

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Cultural Care Kids First Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity, was founded in 2011 and is managed by a small team and board of directors at Cultural Care Au Pair. An au pair organization in Cambridge, MA, Cultural Care Au Pair helps match families in the U.S. with au pairs—caregivers from overseas who are excited to be part of an American family. Kids First gives us a chance to help our young exchange visitors get involved in their U.S. communities as well as give back to some of the communities from which au pairs hail. We are so thankful to our staff, local childcare consultants (LCCs), au pairs and host families for their passion and continued support. 



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