Musical instruments for Syrian refugee children

Shropshire Music Foundation
Arizona, USA/Syria


The Shropshire Music Foundation develops youth leadership and a capacity for peacemaking and problem-solving in global conflict zones throughout the world by establishing locally-run, youth-led music education programs. These programs provide free musical instruments and instruction to former child soldiers and refugees in some of the world’s most war-torn locations.

The project

Shropshire Music Foundation has a program for Syrian refugee children and teenagers that they implement in refugee camps and community centers outside of Syria. Through this program, Syrian children will know peace and acceptance through music. Kids First funds provide musical instruments and teaching materials to child refugees in Jordan.

The applicant

Katie Raddon, Cultural Care host mom

Katie and her family have hosted two au pairs from Cultural Care Au Pair. Katie has known Liz Shropshire, the International Program Director for Shropshire Music Foundation, for more than 20 years.