Art supplies for an after-school program in Brazil

Casa do Zezinho
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Casa do Zezinho is an oasis for young people in an area of Sao Paulo once known as the “death triangle” due to its high rate of violence, drugs and crime. The center serves as an after school programming site where 1200 vulnerable children are involved in educational projects, art classes, and cultural activities.

The project

One of the most popular art programs at Casa do Zezinho is the mosaic room, where children can transform old and unused glass and pottery into something new and beautiful through their imagination. A Fund Their Future grant provided the glass, supplies and instruction for dozens of children to participate in the mosaic classes.

The applicant

Heloisa Chaves, Cultural Care staff member in Brazil

Heloisa, the country manager for au pair recruitment in Brazil, suggested we consider supporting a program in Brazil. She researched and visited several children’s organizations and, after seeing Casa do Zezinho, knew that not only would Kids First be able to make a meaningful impact, but that her staff could get involved working hands-on with the children there, too.


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